• Unique Auto Flow System
    A set amount of gas flows into the demand valve reducing the deadspace, resulting in higher accuracy.

  • Ultra Low Resistance Flow Sensor
    We have the lowest flow resistance in our flow sensor of <0.5 cm H2O L/s ( Measured at 14 L/s ).

  • Most Accurate Flow Sensor
    Our standard flow sensors are better than +/- 1% accuracy.

  • Unmatched +/- 0.1% Accuracy Option
    We have a research grade option available for research labs.

  • Calibrated and Traceable to NIST Standards
    Our flow sensors and analysers are calibrated to NIST standards, ensuring you’re fully complient.

  • Self Diagnostics
    The system detects the change in pressure drop in the flow sensor, and checks the gas analyser for a change in values.

  • No Drift During Testing
    We have a stabilised and cooled detector, resulting in constant test capabilities without drift.

  • Self Linearizing Analyzer
    We have the only self linearizing analyser on the market which calibrates itself keeping the analyser linear.

  • Remote Diagnostics
    We have engineers in Europe, USA, and UK to remote in.

  • Calibrated Modules For Ease of Replacement
    We supply calibrated modules for a quick and easy swap out KoKo PFT Advantages.

  • Upgradable Future Proof Investment
    Modules can be swapped out and upgraded at a later stage rather than having to change the whole system.

  • Ultra Fast Gas Analyzer
    The Analyzer has the fastest response time of <100 ms.

  • Fastest Test Times
    Nitrogen Washout 1min 35 – Plethysmograph test 1min.

  • Iris Connect
    EMR Networking Solutions Software – With HL7 Option.

  • UNo Compensation Factors or Smoothing Algorithms
    We show the raw data, No hidden smoothing factors.

  • High Resolution Graphics
    This enables zooming in on tests / charts with total clearly.

  • Totally Adjustable Report Templates
    The report templates are totally customisable with drag and drop features for ease of use.

  • Latest Software to GLI – ATS Guidelines
    We have the latest software protocols for up-to-date testing.

  • IOS Option Available By 3rd Party Supplier
    We offer IOS if required.

  • Predicted Values
    We have a total of 21 predicted values, selectable in the software and report templates.