KoKo PFT Filters

Simple, affordable cross-contamination protection

KoKo filters provide affordable cross-contamination protection for your PFT equipment. They are ergonomically designed to improve patient comfort. KoKo filters have low resistance and low dead space for lung volume and DLCO testing. We also have an automatic re-ordering system available, making ordering filters hassle-free.

We have two options available when purchasing filters: the KoKo Sx and the KoKo Px Filter Kit. Both products can be purchased in boxes of 100. KoKo Sx filters are designed specifically for the Sx 1000 Spirometer. The KoKo Px Filter Kit includes filters for the Px 3000/4000, as well as mouthpieces and nose clips.

Tech Specs

Koko Sx KoKo Px
Bacterial filtration efficiency 99.9% 99.9%
Viral filtration efficiency 99.9% 99.9%
Low resistance 0.43 cmH20/L/s 0.57 cmH20/L/s
Low dead space 50ml 70ml
Material: outer housing Impact polystyrene Impact polystyrene
Filter media Technostat Modacrylic-Polypropylene Technostat Modacrylic-Polypropylene

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