Dear customer,

There is a 24/7 customer service hot desk which will log your call and prioritise your issue, please be sure to use this number when contacting KoKo – this is the way we will monitor the first contact request.

+44 (0)1992 526307

The KoKo service and engineering team manages the requests for assistance, breakdowns and scheduled servicing promptly; in line with our commitment to supply the service you expect from the KoKo team. To help us provide a timely service, please ensure that when our staff arrive there is sufficient availability of Oxygen (O2), calibration gas and DLO gas for the service engineer to use. It is not always clear what the issue is before a visit, so it is helpful if you can ensure there is at least 1/3 of a 20-litre tank or more available for use. This is important because the accuracy of the dial readings can be unpredictable below ¼.

Unfortunately, if insufficient gas is available, resulting in delays or the requirement for a repeat visit, additional charges will apply.. (£1400 ½ day, £1600 for a full day, plus travel time and VAT).

Please note that KoKo systems are medical devices and should not be treated as PCs by your IT department. KoKo does provide IT services, but these are not included in your service agreements. IT services are chargeable at £1400 for a half day and £1600 per day, plus travel time and VAT, if they stand alone from other aspects of the service provided such as a part one or two service.

Prior to the planned visit please confirm that the basic checks have been undertaken – as per the list below. This will help save time and lost appointments for patients.

We appreciate your help and thank you for your cooperation.

Here at KoKo, we aim to deliver a timely service, and we strive to find ways to continue improving our service. Your help in helping us to achieve this would be a great help.

Thank you for your custom.

Kind Regards

Adrian Gee-Turner

Adrian Gee-Turner Dip M FCIM
KoKo PFT Ltd Director

The checklist

  • Is the power lead pushed in firmly?
  • Is there sufficient gas in the gas bottles?
  • Are the gas bottles turned on?
  • Check that the flow has not been changed for those gas regulators with this option if they are not fixed flow regulators.
  • Are any of the gas regulators or hoses leaking? (If they are we can bring replacements).
  • The USB leads have not been pulled out or put back into the wrong USB ports, as the wrong USB port may mean the device works but won’t calibrate as it is seeing the wrong input.
  • Are any of the cables under any of the wheels of the cart or the body box?
  • Are all the tubes and cables connected in the back of the analyser and the body box?
  • Has the GEMTECH orange mouthpiece connection been cleaned? Recommend daily cleaning with Zapet degreaser and disinfected with Nemesis, cleaning kit available from KoKo PFT. Copy of cleaning instructions included with this letter.