Koko PFT Ltd has announced plans to transfer the manufacture of the company’s flagship PFT systems, the PX3000 and PX4000, to Europe.

“This move is being made in response to challenging supply chain issues and as part of our ongoing value engineering and product development programme,” explains Adrian Gee-Turner, General Manager of Koko PFT Ltd. “This initiative will involve the rationalisation of our global locations for Koko PFT, Koko LLC and Koko GmbH, and the group’s new international structure will be established by the end of 2023.”

KoKo PFT will continue to supply the SX1000 Spirometers on short lead times but the PX3000 and PX4000 full PFT systems will initially be available on longer lead times, and on a case-by-case basis. However, Adrian says: “Koko will continue to provide spares and consumables alongside our full service and maintenance capability. Thank you for your support.”
For any questions regarding product supply parts service or maintenance please contact us on info@kokopft.com.