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Industry-leading PFT solutions

Our focus is to revolutionise the way healthcare professionals collect data through newly developed artificial intelligence, predictive programming and algorithms which allow physicians to diagnose patients with the high levels of accuracy whilst maintaining confidentiality. We provide these PFT solutions through our PFT machines, spirometers, respirometers and consumables.

Who are we?

Founded in May 2020, KoKo extends the legacy of medical technology companies that have been advancing respiratory science dating back to the Iron Lung in the 1930s. Decades of innovation has led us to become a leading respiratory systems software developer and medical device manufacturer for high-quality diagnostic PFT equipment.

Our spirometers and PFT devices are designed to deliver fast results, low lifecycle costs, high levels of accuracy and low resistance to enhance the experiences of patients, respiratory physiologists, scientists, nurses and physicians. KoKo is proud to have a global footprint, providing unparalleled respiratory patient care in over 50 countries.

We pride our PFT systems on being reliable, accurate, cost-effective and efficient.

Koko – Over 4 Decades of Excellence

Koko – An Introduction

KoKo provided us with a deeper understanding of our lung function testing quality and cost drivers while offering our team focused training on corrective action procedures for more effective and efficient patient care. We saw instant results across facilities.

Rodney Folz, M.D., PhD, Chief of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center

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